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I have skin…

Skin that itches and drives me nuts in the winter. Skin that reacts to irritants in spring and summer. Sensitive skin in every way.

Unfortunately, my twins inherited my sensitive skin. When the twins were little, I spent more money than I would like to admit on baby lotions and potions, trying to find something that I could put on their skin that wouldn’t lead to irritation and wasn’t full of chemicals. When I would find a product that worked, it would inevitably be discontinued or cost more than the twin stroller we bought (and let me tell you, twin strollers are not cheap!).

Some time ago, I discovered coconut oil and finally obtained some relief. No more itchies. I also used coconut oil on the twins. It cleared up my daughter’s dry scalp for the first time ever—it was like a miracle.



Why Sauce for Skin?

For reasons I cannot recall, my husband and I always referred to our routine of putting lotion on our twins after their baths as “saucing them up”. We would routinely ask the little rascals to “get over here and let me sauce you up”. It just seemed natural to name the company after what really got me interested in researching more natural skin alternatives—the sauces for skin I now make.

From a humble start using just coconut oil, I began making sauces for my family. Now, I would like to share some of the wonderful products I’ve discovered with you.


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