Body Butter vs Body Lotion

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I get asked all the time: what’s the difference between Body Butter and Body Lotion?

It’s a really good question. Every company approaches producing these products a little differently. Here’s my take:

Our Body Sauce Body Butter is a whipped product. I take oils and butters, combine them and whip them until they are solid. It’s kind of like making whipping cream. The texture is fluffy and light but when applied to the skin, it melts like, well, butter. My favourite time to use the Body Sauce Body Butter is right after a bath, when my skin is warm. It melts right in.

Our Sauce Body Lotion is an emulsification. I take oil based products and water soluble products and mix them together. Most of the time, oil and water don’t mix well but under the right circumstances, it becomes a creamy white lotion.

While both products are moisturizing, choosing which one to use is really a matter of personal taste. The texture is different so the best thing to do is try both and see which one you like the best.

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