The Sauce!

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Awesome Sauce!

Have you ever wanted a hand cream that goes on silky, moisturized and doesn’t feel greasy? Well look no further than The Sauce Hand Cream!

The Sauce Hand Cream is our most popular product. It’s a great everyday hand cream that is moisturizing and smells fantastic.

The main ingredients in The Sauce are Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Aloe Extract. There a few other things in here but we wanted to keep The Sauce uncomplicated.

Coconut Oil is a nice light moisturizer that penetrates the skin easily and is also an anti-oxidant. If you notice that your skin looks shiny after applying The Sauce, that’s the Coconut Oil

Shea Butter – we love Shea Butter! Shea Butter is a fantastic moisturizer and considered anti-inflammatory.

Aloe Extract is anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, anti-oxidant – a whole lot of antis!

Combined, these ingredients make the moisturizing and silky cream that we all love.

The Sauce currently comes in a fragrance free version, as well as Coconut Lavender (our most popular), Lemon Verbena (my favourite) and Fresh Cucumber (bright and wonderful)! It also comes in two convenient sizes: 50g and 100g. The 50g jar fits nicely in a purse or desk drawer. The 100g jar give great value for your dollar.

Order some Sauce today and find out for yourself why everyone loves The Sauce!