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Every Sauce product is used by my family. My twins use them. My husband and I use them. It’s important to me that every ingredient that goes into a Sauce is one that I would be willing to put on my children.

Natural and Organic

We use as many natural and organic raw ingredients in our Sauces as possible.

But what does “natural” mean? There is no standard definition of natural. Every ingredient needs to be processed, so I try to use products that are minimally processed as my “natural” products. Some of these ingredients are ones found naturally in our body, and some are found naturally in nature.


Some of the Sauces contain preservatives. Why, you ask?

One of the natural ingredients in some of our Sauces is water. Water is a wonderful ingredient for our skin—it’s hydrating. Water is also alive. As a result, there’s a good chance that any product with water in it can grow mould or bacteria. I wouldn’t want to put that on my children and I wouldn’t want you to either. I use a small amount of preservatives to keep these Sauces safe for you—in fact less than 1% of total raw ingredients.

Shelf Life

Every Sauce has a shelf life. I try to use raw ingredients that allow you the longest time to enjoy our Sauces (but don’t save them, get saucy!) Since our Sauces are full of natural and organic products, excessive heat or cold can reduce the shelf life.  Most of our Sauces have a shelf life of 12 to 18 months, but we suggest you use them within 12 months.  If a Sauce has a shorter shelf life, it will be noted on the product description page.

Heat! Oh the Heat!

Speaking of heat, some Sauces are anhydrous, meaning they contain no water and are made of oils and butters.

What do butters do in the heat? They get soft! So please, don’t leave your Sauces in the car in the summer (or on the window sill, or anywhere else where it’s warm) or you’ll end up with a very soft Sauce.

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